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  1. How much do you remember about the weather?1

    Why is the weather such a popular small talk among British people?

    Note: sometimes, more than one answer may seem correct. In this case, base on the information from the course, NOT your opinion.

  2. What does «murky» mean in the following sentence?1

    Sandra didn’t want to swim in the river because it was murky.

    Note: sometimes, words have more than one meaning so, the context defines what a word means.

  3. Which weather condition is more difficult for driving a car?1

  4. Breezy weather is so pleasant after a heatwave because it is with wind that is quite strong but pleasant.1

  5. What do you call a person whose job is to speak about the weather on TV, radio, etc.?3

    Note: there is more than one correct answer. Choose all the right options.

  6. Choose all synonyms for «cloudburst».9

  7. When you say «Come rain or shine, I will go there», you mean …1

  8. If money starts raining down on you, it means …1

  9. Imagine that somebody gets sacked, then becomes ill, then is robbed. What would you say?2

    Note: remember the idiom which means that a lot of troubles are happening at the same time.

    I would say .

  10. Do you remember a situation when someone or something ruined your plans? What could you say then?5

    I could say .

  11. How does «cool» differ from «chilly»?1

  12. When it’s a nip in the air in the mornings, is winter or summer coming?1

  13. When can you get frostbitten?2

    Note: more than one variant is correct.

  14. In which weather conditions do people usually sweat like pigs?4

  15. Do you remember the synonymous expressions for «sweat like a pig»?2

    Note: write only those expressions that were mentioned in the course.

    The expressions are .

  16. Complete the phrase with the appropriate idiom.2

    Note: the expression is connected with winter.

    If a person has so much work that it is unreal to do, they .

  17. If an exam is a breeze, it is difficult.1

  18. Complete the phrase with the appropriate idiom.2

    Note: it’s connected with something that appears after rain if the sun comes out.

    If someone believes they can reach something unrealistic, they .

  19. Complete the phrase with the appropriate idiom.2

    When something bad happens to us, we should think positively because .

  20. Choose the type of the person who is NOT a true friend.1

  21. You are out of touch with reality, if you …1